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A gleaming archipelago in the colossal Indian Ocean. An unparalleled haven waiting to welcome one and all with charms no other destination can rival. Luxury hors concours, pristine beaches, waters with hues of blues & greens & aquamarines, twinkling faces to top it all – are some of the traits one can envisage here.

No matter where you stay in the Maldives, there’s a sense of romance that you cannot evade. Love is in the air, wherever you are. No wonder the Maldives is one of the most desired honeymoon destinations for couples ready to tie the knot, across the world. A resort that’s dedicated to romance, a bungalow nestled in the lush vegetation, a villa over water looking out on the horizon, a wedding on the beach, a renewal of vows, it’s yours to choose.

99% water and just one percent land – that’s the beauty of this island nation. As one might expect, the thrills of the Maldives lie on, under or over the surface of the water. Wherever you choose to holiday in the Maldives, there is water sports on offer. Bouncy banana rides with friends and family, a solo ride trimming the waves on a jet ski or skimming the lagoon at high speeds on a wakeboard, all of which would offer you that adrenaline rush that you seek to feel rejuvenated and at one with the elements. For the serious water sports enthusiast there is kite surfing, parasailing or just navigating solo around the reefs on a catamaran.

Another faucet here are the resort spas, with the luxurious environs and the classy touches of their cosy bungalows and sexy villas. Sprawling garden spas, with massage rooms merged into their lush tropical surroundings, or one built on stilts over the crystalline waters of the lagoon, it’s for you to choose.

Entertainment and daily excursions are on the menu wherever you are. Sandbanks that dazzle under the midday sun, snorkelling over pristine reefs, and experiencing local island towns is part of half day or full day excursions, what’s more a barbeque on the beach for lunch is often thrown in to get that additional punch to the day’s experience. How about night fishing or dolphin watching, swimming with whale sharks and mantas? On land there is beach volley, tennis, volleyball and badminton. For the kids there are child play areas and fun activities in many of the resorts.

Maldives epitomises luxury and romance at its best. However, there are so many things that tourists can do which do not fit into these two categories. If you are looking to travel on a budget or simply go backpacking – or island hopping as they call it – there are so many amazing activities you can fit into your itinerary without the fear of emptying your wallets.

Time VISA Calling Code Best Time to Visit
5 hrs ahead of GMT On Arrival +960 Round the year

The Maldives is well connected with the rest of the world. Several flights from Europe, Middle East and South East Asia operate to Velana International Airport, the main gateway to the Maldives. The highest international traffic is from Colombo, Sri Lanka, various Indian cities and Dubai, while several scheduled and charter flights bring in passengers from all major European capitals, and South East Asian cities. Once in the Maldives you can travel to any of the twelve domestic and international airports to which several daily flights are operated. Scheduled ferry services also operate from Male’ to most of the atolls.

Best time to visit

A destination to visit year-around due to its hot tropical climate. The average high temperature is 31.5 degree Celsius and the average low temperature is 26.4 degree Celsius. The Southwest monsoon from May to October brings rain and the Northeast monsoon from November to April is generally sunny.


All nationalities receive a 30-day visa on arrival, provided that you have a valid passport, an onward to ticket to continue your journey and a reservation at a tourist facility or enough funds to cover your stay in the country.

Virtual Connectivity

Prepaid SIM cards are available at the airport. The SIM cards can be used for local and international call and for data. Almost all resorts & facilities in Maldives also provide Wi-Fi facilities (Please check individually for charges)


Although the Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) is the local currency, US Dollars & Euros are widely used across all facilities here. All major credit cards are accepted in the country.

Travel and transfer

Speedboat transfer is the norm to resorts close to the International Airport. The rest is covered by seaplane or domestic flight. If you are travelling to Male’ you can take a taxi from the airport. Several daily flights operate from Velana International Airport to the 12 domestic and international airports in the country. Scheduled ferries also operate from Male’ to many of the atolls.


Import of alcohol by individuals is not permitted. However, alcohol is available at all the resorts.


The Maldives is a nation of islands in the Indian Ocean that spans across the equator. The country comprises 1192 islands that stretch along a length of 871 kilometres. While it covers an area of approximately 90,000 square kilometres,


While very little is known about the ancient history of the Maldives, scholars and historians believe that Maldives is an old nation populated well over 2500 years ago. The Maldivian race is the result of several waves of settlement


Although home to just over half a million people the Maldives has its own unique culture and traditions. While heavily influenced by various cultures around the rim of the Indian Ocean, the Maldivian culture, craft and traditions


The Maldives has one of the most delicate environments anywhere on the planet. Coral reefs are the foundation of the islands. They offer protection to the tiny islands as its natural defence system, and the country’s economy depends


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